Giving Tuesday! Charity links!

Giving Tuesday! Charity links!

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Happy #GivingTuesday, everyone! While we all lead busy lives and may have our own daily struggles to deal with, let's find a moment to give something to someone more in need today.

You can visit for ideas and see what others are doing. Whether it's donating money, volunteering your time, or just raising awareness for a good cause, do something meaningful today.

I chose to donate to these following 5 charities:
#ShotatLife is a charity movement to provide life-saving vaccines to children who need it the most. You can visit their website and donate to their cause here:

#GlobalGiving has this project listed, which delays being forced into child marriage and provides schooling to young girls in Uganda. You can help by visiting:
You can learn about other ways to help stop child marriages at

#EngineersWithoutBorders is a charity project that supports community development programs all over the world. Learn about all their efforts at:
Donate to the Engineers Without Borders USA here:

#FriendsOfLiberia is taking donations to fight against Ebola!
The paypal-enabled donation system was very easy to use!

The #FergusonPublicLibrary is taking donations of books for their catalogue, and there is also a paypal donation button on their site.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you guys about cosplayer Calamity's Charity Card Drive! She chose 3 charities to support, and if you donate any amount to them and send her a screenshot, she will send you a holiday card! More info here:

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